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Court Search and Court Website Directory

Search court records for doing criminal background search, locating people and looking up liens, judgements, bankruptcy and arrest records. Find the location of various courts in any state as well as related government judicial system websites, where you can find contact information, decisions, a state law library and legal resources .

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Guidelines for Accessing Court Records

Accelerated Rehabilitation (AR)
Records - Open for the duration of the AR probationary period and for 20 days after the entry of a dismissal by the court. The records are then erased pursuant to C.G.S. 54-142a(a) unless an appeal is filed. C.G.S. 54-56e

Acknowledgment of Paternity
if filed prior to 10/1/95, closed; if filed on or after 10/1/95, open.
Comments: Public Act 95-133. Individuals seeking disclosure of an acknowledgment filed prior to 10/1/95 must file an application for disclosure.

Acquittals are available for 20 days after disposition. If the case is appealed, the record remains open while the case is on appeal. After the 20th day, the clerk may not disclose anything about the case nor acknowledge that it ever existed. C.G.S. 54-142a et seq.

Agreement to Support
If filed prior to 10/1/95, closed; if filed on or after 10/1/95, open. Public Act 95-133.

Alcohol Education Program (AEP)
Closed. C.G.S. 54-56g

Alcohol Evaluation Reports
Closed. C.G.S. 17a-694

Arrest Warrants
Generally open after arrest (unless sealed by order of the court).

Bail Interview Records
Closed. C.G.S. 54-63d(d)

Child Support Enforcement
Open, with specific exceptions.
Comments: Inquiries regarding child support enforcement matters should be directed to 860-569-6233.

Day Book (Log of civil cases filed)

Day Book (Log of criminal/motor vehicle cases filed)

Dismissals (Criminal)
Dismissals are available for 20 days after disposition, unless appealed, in which case the dismissals are available during the period of the appeal. After the 20th day, the clerk may not disclose anything about the case nor acknowledge that it ever existed. C.G.S 54-142a et seq.

Dispositions (Civil)
Generally, open
Results available as soon as possible after courtroom and/or administrative processing. If court reserves decision, that decision is available upon filing with the clerk. Information on the computer screen may be given over the phone. Other material must be viewed at the clerk's office.

Dispositions (Criminal) other than dismissal
Open, with restrictions.
Dispositions should be disclosed as soon as the file is available, after the courtroom proceeding. Docket sheets containing disposition data are available for review at the clerk's office for 20 days; information requests for dispositions older than 20 days should be made in writing to the Records Center. Requests for information must include the name, case docket number, date of disposition and court location where the case was heard and, if possible, the defendant's date of birth.

Docket Sheets (Civil/Family)
Open, unless the proceedings are confidential. Available at the close of the day's court business.

Docket Sheet (Criminal/Motor Vehicle)
Dockets for that day's activity are open with restrictions.
Previous days' dockets are closed.

Domestic Violence
Open, unless sealed by the court.

Drug Dependency Evaluation
Closed. C.G.S. 17a-694


Full (entered by a party)
Generally disclosable.
Certain records are non disclosable under C.G.S. 52-146b through 52-146q.

Generally disclosable.

Court (entered by a judge)
Generally disclosable.

Family Matters

Evaluation or Studies:

Closed, except to parties and counsel (unless otherwise ordered by court).

Practice Book 25-60
Family Matters

Open, unless closed by a judge.

Practice Book 25-59
Files (Civil/Family)
Open, unless sealed by court order.

Documents are available to the public when the clerk receives them officially by time stamping the documents.
Files (Criminal)
Open, unless sealed.

Available upon filing. In cases with a great degree of public interest where a high demand is expected, the clerk may make extra copies of the documents and have them available at the counter, or make multiple copies for distribution upon payment of a fee.
Identities of Sexual Assault Victims

Confidential (except to the accused).
Disclosed only upon order of the court. C.G.S. 54-86e.

Juror Information: Open, with restrictions.

In criminal matters, public availability of information regarding jurors who sat on the trial of the case is determined by the status of the case file itself. For example, in cases of acquittals, information becomes confidential after 20 days, unless an appeal is taken.
Name of juror

There may be a period of time when the trial judge temporarily suspends the dissemination of this information, e.g., during the jury's deliberation on the case. The public and the press should anticipate this period.
Address of juror

Telephone number of Juror

Period Served

Amount paid for jury service:

Jury Questionnaire

Juvenile Records:
Closed, with specific exceptions.

Files of cases in which nolles are entered are available for 13 months from the day the nolle is entered.
C.G.S. 54-142a(c).

Records in cases with a finding of "not guilty."
"Not guilty" records are available for 20 days after disposition. If the case is appealed, the record remains open while the case is on appeal. After the 20th day, the clerk may not disclose anything about the case nor acknowledge that it ever existed.
C.G.S. 54-142a et. seq.

Upon petition by the party, an absolute pardon received prior to October 1, 1974, will result in the erasure of records. The subject of the record may obtain information pertaining to any charge so erased upon submission of proof of identity. Whenever an absolute pardon was received on or after October 1, 1974, such records shall automatically be erased.
C.G.S. 54-142a(d)

Paternity Action
Open with restrictions. Acknowledgments and Agreements filed within a paternity action filed prior to 10/1/95 are non disclosable. Acknowledgments and Agreements filed after 10/1/95 are disclosable.

Pre-Sentence Investigation & AssessmentsClosed.
C.G.S. 54-91b, C.G.S. 54-142g(a), P.B. 43-7, 43-8, 43-9

Search Warrants (unless sealed by order of the court)
Generally open after execution and return.
C.G.S. 54-33c

Seized Property

Open, unless sealed by court order.

Sexual assault files
Open, with identity of victim masked.

Victim's Identity in Sexual Assault and Risk of Injury Cases
Comment: Closed, except to the accused. The state's attorney will usually require law enforcement sexual assault and risk agencies to use pseudonyms in arrest warrants to maintain the anonymity of the victim. If the warrant actually names the victim, however, the name and address should be removed, but not the circumstance of the case. The name and address of the victim are confidential (C.G.S. 54-86e). The rest of the affidavit is public information.

Youthful Offender Information
Closed, but open to offenders. Upon application for Y.O. status, the court file is sealed. The court file is unsealed if the defendant is found to be ineligible for the program.

Youthful Offender Proceedings
Private proceedings.
Pursuant to 54-76h.


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