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Vermont Vital Records

Vermont vital records consist of Vermont birth certificate records, Vermont death certificates, Vermont divorce records and Vermont marriage licenses. Search for vital records, birth records, death records, divorce records, marriage records. The Vermont Vital Records Office provides eligible applicants with copies of Vermont birth certificates, Vermont death certificates,Vermont divorce certificates and Vermont marriage certificates.

Search Vermont Vital Records

    Statewide vital registration in Vermont began in 1857, when the General Assembly passed legislation requiring towns to report all births, marriages, and deaths to the Secretary of State. Prior to that time, some towns kept such records in order to resolve questions concerning the distribution and inheritance of property.

    Vital records - particularly death records - became recognized as an important tool for studying the location and spread of epidemics. In 1896, the Legislature transferred responsibility for the vital statistics system to the newly formed Board of Health, the forerunner of the Vermont Department of Health. The Health Department has retained responsibility for vital statistics to the present day.

    Since 2000, the Vermont vital records system includes nine types of vital events: births, deaths, marriages, divorces, civil unions, dissolutions, reciprocal beneficiaries, fetal deaths, and abortions.

    Vital records for events that occurred within the past five years are maintained by the Department of Health. All others are with the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration

Vermont Vital Records

Vermont Birth Records

A birth record contains information about the birth of each personl. On a birth certificate, you can usually find the mother's full maiden name and the father's full name, the full name of the baby, the date of the birth, and county where the baby was born. Birth certificate may also include birthplaces of the baby's parents, the addresses of the parents, the number of other children that the parents have, the race of the parents and their occupations.

Vermont Death Records

The death certificate provides such valuable information as first, last and middle names of the descendants, birth dates, mother's maiden name, father's last name, sex, birth place, death place, residence at time of death, death date, social security number (when available), and the age of the individual at the time they became deceased.

Vermont Divorce Records

You search results may include information about the Respondent and the Petitioner Names and Ages and Divorce Details, Date of Filing, Country and State of Filing and Filing Number.

Vermont Marriage Records

Marriage record usually includes the bride's and groom's full names, the date of the marriage, and county where the marriage took place. Many marriage records include other information, including birthplaces of the bride's and groom's parents, the addresses of the bride and groom, information about previous marriages, and the names of the witnesses to the marriage.

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