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Online Background Checks Review: Review is an online people search engine providing information on identity, social network, contact information and other public records available as part of research. is different than other online people search or background check businesses in the sense that the searches are behind a login. Whereas many other services do give you some basic free information before asking you to buy a report or membership. On you need to get a login and a membership to conduct your searches. Of course as many other membership providers they do offer trials for these memberhips, where you have a limited time to try the product and if you don't like it you can cancel.

They also try to differentiate themseleves in terms of their audience. They claim to provide information to help with crime investigation, journalistic investigation, insurance and fraud investigation etc. Clearly they are trying to market themselves to businesses for non FCRA purposes.

The Site:


Also based on their pricing scheme, I conclude this company is more geared towards bulk users and businesses vs. individual or one time users.

Pipl Search - Subscription Pricing for Teams

Includes unlimited people searches with detailed Personal, Professional, Social, Demographic, Contact, and Relationship Information

Clearly they state it if for non FCRA uses

  • $198/mo/user for one user - with Annual Subscription
  • $298/mo/user for five users - with Annual Subscription
  • $148/mo/user for ten users -with Annual Subscription
  • Custom pricing for over 10 users.

Pipl API

Per-Match Pricing for Enterprise Applications
Includes Personal, Professional, Social, Demographic, Contact and Relationship Information
  • Name, Age, Gender, Address, Landline Phones for $0.10 per match
  • Everything in Contact + Images, Associates, Social Site Handles for $0.20 per match
  • Everything in Social + Employers, Education, Mobile Phones, Email for $0.40 per match


FCRA Compliant:

No. provides people search for non FCRA related purposes. It clearly states it in the site and you need to acknowledge this before you ask for a trial or membership.

Types of Reports

PeopleFinders is more like an investigative tool where you conduct searches.

Pipl Search

  • Personal Data
  • Professional Information
  • Social Network Data
  • Demographic Information
  • Contact Information
  • Relationship Information

Pipl API

Pipl API is also a service that provides similar data but directly through an API (Application Programming Interface). This is for those companies who would like to consume the raw data into their custom applications.

Summary provides similar services to other premium services, but their audience is other businesses so they would be classified as a B2B rather than B2C. However if you are not a business but are willing to pay their fees I really don't think they will not provide you with a membership. You just need to evaluate your needs as to how often you need to do people search and weigh the costs and the benefits.

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