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Intelius by PeopleConnect

Intelius is one of the larger people search and background checks providers. Their model has changed and they don't seem to be providing or selling individual reports but they provide you with a monthly membership where you can do multiple searches for the same person or different people or even yourself. Don't be fooled by the lengthy processes they put you through before they make the offer, actually, I find it as one of the weaknesses it is overdone marketing, no they are not searching for the information as you are going to the process most data is available immediately as any information you enter is searched against a database. Plus all the gimmicks about finding secret information or controversial data is a gimmick.

Most online providers use similar databases some more extensive than others and some more up to date but at the end of the day, it is public record data. The most important information you need to know is that they are not FCRA approved providers so you cannot do these search for employment or any of the purposes that are governed by FCRA and they inform you and get you to opt-in to this consent. Also interestingly they do warnings that you should not use this for stalking or any illegal purposes. However, at the end of the process, they ask you for your name and email before showing you the pricing for the membership and that is probably to follow up and try to upsell their produce. But if you are looking to do people searches you just need to find the right deal and I would shop around since most of the pricing does constantly change.

The Site:


Keep in mind that offers constantly change but at this time they are offering two membership choices one is at $22.86 per month for unlimited searches. The other is $19.43 per 2 months for unlimited searches. I am sure there will be some upsells once you opt-in and sign up. Make sure to read the conditions but they seem to allow cancellations but I assume when you cancel you have already paid for that month. If you don't cancel they will charge your card each month as per the agreement.

FCRA Compliant:

No. Intelius searches and provides public records data reports and background checks for personal use and not for FCRA approved purposes such as employment or rental application approval etc.

Types of Reports

Intelius reports are from the membership searches and not single report but each person you identify you will receive public, criminal, court data as well publicly available contact information and address history. They will have relationships, relatives, and neighbors. Most marriage records are per name so your results might or might not include that particular person. Also, their sex-offender report is based on location so for the address, they have for the person you search they will list the registered sex-offenders in that area. They also provide some social networking data that is available publically.

Intelius reports include the following types of information:

  • Full name
  • Aliases
  • Maiden name when available
  • Age
  • Current or recent address
  • Address history (previous locations lived at)
  • Phone numbers
  • Aliases
  • Relatives
  • Associates
  • Properties
  • Property Information, including value of the property.
  • Email Address
  • Social network information
  • Judgements, Liens
  • Criminal Records
  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies

For criminal reports they provide any judgments, misdemeanor, felonies and perhaps driving violations and what is again available through public data. Criminal reports usually include detail about any cases if there is a criminal record or other civil cases such as bankruptcy:

  • Charge and case number
  • Offense
  • Arrest details
  • Sentence and date
  • Disposition
  • Filing date

They do provide variety of services and reports which include the following:

  • People Search
  • Background Check
  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Reverse Address
  • Criminal Records
  • Identity Protect
  • People Directory
  • People Lookup by State
  • Phone Directory


Intelius like many other online background check providers create electronic reports based on your searches that you can read and find details about a person and their past. They do this theough membership which allows you to do multiple searches to ensure you have found the right person and if you do need to expand your search to anyone related to them to be able to do so.

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