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Facebook Review is a social networking site. Membership is free and many people around the wold have subscribed and post pictures, quotes and communication with a choice of remaining private, shared with friends or shared with public. It is a good tool for people search and finding and locating people you might know. The search is simple as you search by name and possibly location. Then you narrow down the results by examining limited information available or pictures. Of course it is dependent on the accuracy of information the person who signed up entered. Some do use nicknames or fake names unfortunately but then many do use their real information. So it is a good tool in locating old friends or family members you have lost touch with. It is also a good tool to view the public posts of a person to learn more about the personality of the person you are searching for. OF course once you find the person you can try to connect and communicate.

The Site:

Pricing: is a free site as it promotes communication, connection and sharing among people and communities. Of course facebook monetizes through other channels such as advertising etc.

FCRA Compliant:

No. only provides information regarding its participants and members and is more of people search tool as it is a typical social networking site.

Types of Reports

There are no reports but you can see a history of a persons posts which might indicate interests and opinions. It also might include photos, places travelled, food and other interests. It also could include friends and family members.

  • Photos
  • Posts
  • Friends and connections

Summary is a free service some information is public other private, you might have to sign up to do search but signing up is free and once you locate a person you can then connect with them to have a direct communication. Otherwise you can see their profile and any information they have cared to share and enter.

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